Before starting to lay our tiles it is advisable to check the suitability of the wall which should be sound, clean and dry, mould-free. It might be necessary to level to remove possible unevenness and compensate differences in level to obtain a perfectly flat, uniform surface. For the water-repellent tested materials (PE and LU codes) we recommend always particular caution regarding application and use in bathrooms and kitchens. To preserve leather features over time we advise to always avoid direct sunlight exposure and close contact with heat sources. Use a professional adhesive for PVC and rubber for wall installation (available on request) for use on interior walls applications over plaster, concrete, gypsum - also treated with primer – wood and metal. On request our tiles – mosaics and elements – can be provided coated with a double-sided tape for easy fixing over plaster wall or plasterboard. Small differences in colour, possible wrinkles or unevenness can not be considered as defects but as a guarantee of leather geniuneness.