The placement of mosaic tessera is made by hand, in our laboratories, by experienced craftmen, in accordance with the most antique mosaic tradition. Sewing, padding and customized printing - of brands, blazons or initials - are carried out with handicraft machines, in respect of traditional techniques, with incessant care and attention to the tiniest detail

Finally, each composition or tile, each single tessera is carefully controlled in order to guarantee the quality and uniqueness prerogatives of a really rich and exclusive product.

The panels composed with our mosaics and elements can be applied directly to almost every surface: plaster, plasterboard, wood, metal and other bases, as well as furnishing complements: door-handles, doors, bathroom fittings, furniture panellings, … .

All our creations are available in various standard lines, each of them in a variety of materials, sizes and colours, or bespoke.

Our leather tiles are coupled with a light, semi-rigid, self-extinguishing and anti-mould backing.