About Us

FAP, from the name of its founders Anchisini - Piozzini, was born in Brescia in 1950 as a small “craftsman's workshop” realizing unique o limited edition leather items. It has further expanded its activity with the production of design-objects, created bespoke for its clients, for communication, office and furniture complements.

Evolving in Fapdesign, today, it conceives and realizes innovative and exclusive covering solutions, for walls, floorings and furniture complements, starting from this authentic, noble and valuable material, skin leather, to re-discover through new perceptions which involve all senses, transformed to create warm, smooth, “padded” atmospheres, full of emotions, that suggest and conciliate moments of pure pleasure.

All our creations reflect the characteristics of the “Made in Italy”: refined tastes, elegance of style, bringing forward of fashion trends, quality of handicraft… beginning from the careful selection of materials. We use only the finest part of leather. We search and select the most exclusive and rare animal skins from all over the word – all of them with corresponding certifications – without forgetting the most recent “eco-sustainable” alternatives.